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    About Us

    A Custom Tailoring Factory Outlet

    A Custom Suit Manufacturer & Uniform Factory In Malaysia

    Being a suit and uniform manufacturer, Saraline Fashion Studio established in year 2010. We are a leader at what we do: Providing our customers with the finest suits, blazers, and other smart outfits. The importance of dressing well cannot be overstated.

    Find your confidence with the right attire

    You should know that confidence and consistency are intertwined. When you choose to dress well every day, you encourage consistency. Then, how about confidence? When you believe that you can rely on something or someone, you exude confidence.

    When you practice a habit, it becomes a part of you. The consistency of dressing well will not just help you hone your dressing skills, but also boost your confidence since you will have complete trust in your ability to select a good outfit to wear. At Saraline group, you will be exposed to a range of outfits that will meet your demands. After all, consistency encourages security and security encourages confidence!

    We will help you pay attention to details
    When something is done consistently, every single detail matters. From top to bottom, every part of your outfit must be carefully considered. You will find so many tips from us that will help you make the right choices while selecting the right outfit. Besides, dressing well can help you pay attention to details in terms of events and schedule coordination.

    A suit manufacturer in Malaysia for uniform
    Men Suit

    Professional Tailoring Services

    Women Suit

    Professional Tailoring Services

    Corporate Uniform

    Design Service & Sampling Service

    Take care of yourself with the right attire

    You deserve to treat yourself with the right attire. You’ve earned it! At Saraline group, we will take care of you by providing you with the perfect outfit that will not only match your personality but also satisfies your budget. It is no strange fact that when you dress well, you feel good about yourself. Now, it is high time you started doing things that will make you happy and we will help you achieve this – that is what we do and that is why you must choose us. Each time you make an effort to dress well, you subconsciously convince yourself that life is important, while also remembering that your value is immeasurable!

    Custom Suit Manufacturer in Malaysia

    Express your creativity by selecting the right outfit

    It is no strange fact that when you come across a well-dressed person, you appreciate their dress sense, as well as their creativity. That is exactly what you showcase when you dress well while getting out of your comfort zone. There is no one with the perfect wardrobe. This implies that you keep changing your wardrobe, while learning how to mix several outfits to match your personality, thereby making you look good. Fear not! At Saraline group, we will help you become more creative while you take risks and come up with new combinations of outfits.

    Bring joy into other people’s lives by dressing well

    Dressing well goes beyond simply looking good. It also represents an amazing way to ensure that you bring joy into the lives of others. Take a minute to think about it. As you set out to leave your house, who are the people who get to look at you? It is probably not you, but your family, friends, colleagues, and strangers.

    We can all agree that it is amazing to set eyes on someone who looks well-dressed and pretty. Each time you are in public, this same trend occurs. People get to appreciate your look and outfit. It makes them feel good by appreciating what you have on you. For this reason, at Saraline group, we are devoted to helping you pick the right outfit as you take up the role of a leader. We will help you dress well while you sparkle and bring great joy to the world!

    Lapelion suit is a icon of future

    Ulan Vang Designer

    The fabric selection is the main point of satisfaction!

    Mary Altman Blogger

    Amazing Suit With Stretch Fabrics

    Lina Sandoval Beauty Magazine


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